Electronic Words

Subject: Electronic Words
From: Barry Rueger (rueger@COMMUNITY-MEDIA.COM)
Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 15:20:42 EST


Electronic Words

New Ways of Presenting & Literature and Sound

Saturday December 11th, 2004
Unity Centre, 22 Rosedene Avenue, Hamilton

Electronic Words is an an interactive workshop for writers and
literary radio producers to explore new forms of audio literature.

We will explore different approaches to presenting poetry, story, and
other literary forms on radio, in recordings, or on the Internet. The
workshops will explore technical considerations, and will help
artists to develop a performance style which is most effective in an
electronic medium.

Hosted by:

Victoria Fenner is a Canadian sound artist who has spent the past
two decades exploring the medium of sound. Her interest in Sound Art
began in 1982, at Vancouver Cooperative Radio where she produced the
"newsounds gallery", an exploration of the artistic possibilities of
radio. Since that time, she has been produced many works of her own,
has curated two editions of the nationally distributed Canadian audio
art radio series “Radiant Dissonance”, and has developed many
projects and performance events involving radio and sound artists.
She also has worked for CBC Radio in many capacities, most recently
as researcher for a special series on the audio art of Quebec for the
Radio One program “Outfront”. She is the creator of the annual Full
Moon Audio Art Camp, which has been held each year in Canada since
1999. Her web site is at http://www.magneticspirits.com.

Registration: $115 + GST (123.05) includes lunch.
Your space is confirmed only when payment has been received. Full
Workshop details and our on-line registration form can be found at:

Barry Rueger
107 Victoria Avenue South, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2S9
Phone: 905-308-9179 Fax: 905-308-9732
Cel: 905-979-6677
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