experimental music showcase in aberdeen scotland

Subject: experimental music showcase in aberdeen scotland
From: bill thompson (innerd00r@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 16:52:21 EST

hi all,

this is a shameless plug for a new monthly showcase in
aberdeen scotland focusing on experimental music.
this month, thursday the 11th, works will be presented
by james wyness (avant-glitch), pete stollery
(acousmatic sound diffusion) and myself, bill thompson
(live electronics.) this will be an ongoing showcase,
so if you are in/near the area and would like to
perform please let me know.

the show starts promptly at 7:30, aberdeen university,
student union, g block. see my website here
for details (scroll over description for map links).

also, in january, james wyness and i are looking
forward to hosting the first official phonography
concert in scotland. if you're not familiar with the
term, it refers to field recordings, also known as
sonic landscape. there is an online community at
www.phonography.org with more information on the
subject for those interested.

we are looking for scottish phonographers to present
works up to 15 minutes max at the event. the date is
yet to be confirmed but is looking likely to be the
last saturday of january. for this event we are
interested in unedited/unmanipulated recordings,
though subtle eq, noise reduction is fine.

please let me know if you would like to attend/present
and feel free to forward this to anyone you think may
be interested.




"The more you think about things the weirder they seem." -Calvin

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