Re: Innova Recordings Releases Barry Schraderıs ³Lost Atlantis²

Subject: Re: Innova Recordings Releases Barry Schraderıs ³Lost Atlantis²
From: David Mooney (
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 16:05:08 EST

Congratulations, Barry--

Barry Schrader wrote:
> Innova Recordings has just released Lost Atlantis, an
> album of analog electro-acoustic music by Barry Schrader.
> The CD contains ³Trinity² and all six movements of "Lost
> Atlantis", music composed in 1976 and 1977 on the Buchla
> 200 modular synthesizer in the CalArts electro-acoustic
> music studios. The recording was produced and remastered
> from the original tapes by film composer Gary Chang and
> supported by a grant from the Aaron Copland Fund for Music
> Recording program. ³Lost Atlantis² is available on Innova
> 629.
> The Lost Atlantis CD will be available at regular and
> online stores in early January, and is available now from
> Innova at <>.
> Barry Schrader's Lost Atlantis reveals Schrader as a
> composer born to the electronic medium. He paints
> with veiled and mysterious tone colors, creates
> descending sine-tone scales of exquisite delicacy and
> spins out dramatic crescendos climaxing in peaks of
> brassy brilliance. He generates sequenced rhythms
> with various percussive envelopes: woodlike clacks,
> hollow drum sounds, giant xylophones and steel drums.
> Philip Springer, The Los Angeles Times
> Please excuse cross-postings.

David Mooney

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