Re: Reaktor Users: Synthi AKS Reborn

Subject: Re: Reaktor Users: Synthi AKS Reborn
From: Marc Battier (
Date: Fri Oct 29 2004 - 11:14:15 EDT

Those who like old analog synths might want to
check the Synthi-A soft developed by Pierre
Couprie. It's free. It has been tested by EMS
Synthi and VCS-3 old hands. Manual in French.
Last version: August 2004.

In addition to the synth, you get a sequencer, a
KS keyboard (which turns your Synthi-A into a
Synthi AKS), an 8-octave filter, a delay
generator, a waveform editor, an oscilloscope...
and VST plugins capability.

Check it out. I'm sure Pierre is eager to respond to your feedback.

Wow too.

Marc Battier
Musicologie et nouvelles technologies
UFR de Musique et Musicologie
Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)
1, rue Victor Cousin
F-75005 Paris

>Reaktor users _must_ check out this outstanding
>emulation of the famous Synthi AKS, or synth in
>a box. If you're a registered Reaktor user,
>click here:
> Wow.
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> N e d B o u h a l a s s a
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