piece for piano and tape

Subject: piece for piano and tape
From: Adrian Moore (a.j.moore@sheffield.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Oct 29 2004 - 06:18:53 EDT

Dear all,

If anyone would care to play my piano and tape piece (written
initially for Peter Hill)
please feel free to download everything you need at the following ftp address.


Here you will find

piano001.pdf 5,769K PDF File
piano002.pdf 5,133K PDF File
piano003.pdf 5,313K PDF File
piano004.pdf 5,265K PDF File
piano005.pdf 5,019K PDF File
piano006.pdf 5,227K PDF File
piano007.pdf 5,271K PDF File
piano008.pdf 4,801K PDF File
piano009.pdf 4,567K PDF File
piano010.pdf 5,277K PDF File
pp4poriginal.wav 74,973K WAVE audio file
pp4ppluspiano.wav 77,073K WAVE audio file
readme.doc 21K Word Document
readme.txt 1K Text File

the pdfs are obviously the score.
pp4poriginal is the tape part only.
pp4ppluspiano is a rough midi + tape mix.

Please read the readme doc as it has important information regarding the grace
note flourishes at the opening of the piece (which in the midi
version do not sound
as scored!!!)

Broadband and a cup of tea required for download probably.
All programme notes and bio available at
http://www.adrianmoore.co.uk/ under music.

Best wishes,

Adrian Moore

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