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Date: Mon Oct 25 2004 - 22:37:49 EDT

From: "Josh Henne" <jhenneocad@hotmail.com>
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Subject: Sound Sources for a Sound project
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 12:15:36 -0400


I'm a student at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto,
and I'm doing research for a project in a class called Media and
Social Change. My project will explore the causes effects, challenges
and changes that are happening in the world with regard to
electronic product consumption.

As part of the project I want to create some sort of sound piece
about the challenges facing a couple areas, about the social and
environmental changes as a result of the war for the Congo's
resources. And of the changes and conditions in Guiyu China as a
result of fraudulent recycling programs.

Is there anyone or anyplace where I could gather raw sound material
from? Does anyone know of any radio programs created about these
topics. I'm looking for any kind of sound related to these areas
whether it's background sound, songs, wildlife, physical objects,
people's thoughts or experiences, etc.

I'm even looking for sounds related to the production or disposal of

Anybody know of any artists from these areas or other areas exploring
these topics

Much appreciated

Josh Henne

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