Re: Immersive soundscapes and theory

Subject: Re: Immersive soundscapes and theory
From: bill thompson (
Date: Mon Oct 25 2004 - 18:01:02 EDT

Hi Andrea,

While Kevin Austin said everything I was about to say
(well, not exactly..but I wish I was going to say all
that ;))...are you also thinking about sound
installations? Many of these are designed to be
literally immerse soundscapes etc.

If so, there are more than a couple of books about
this subject...though, I haven't seen any that could
be classified as theoretical or of a high level of
academic rigor. Nonetheless, they do chronicle some
artists' work in this area and many come with

The book I have is "Site of Sound" edited by Brandon
LaBelle and Steve Roden. I'm sure a google search
would turn up others.

Also, there is a sort of link-webpage by a guy named
Janek with lots of links to sound-installation type
sites and artists (Lucier, Schaefer) etc.

Good luck, and please let me know how your research
comes as this is an area of personal interest to me as


--- andrea cornell <> wrote:

> Hello to all the peoples of the list!
> I am in need of some aid....
> I wish to locate theoretical texts that discuss
> issues
> of immerse sonic environments, or more broadly,
> immerse artistic practices/experiments. As I am
> mock-curaing an art exhibit that revolves around
> immerse sonic environments, some of which are
> interactive, and I need a theoretical or historical
> foundation for my critical analysis of these works
> that i am mock-curating.
> thanks for anything
> andrea-jane
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