Re: Forward into the 19th Century

Subject: Re: Forward into the 19th Century
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Sun Oct 24 2004 - 14:41:46 EDT

macCormac wrote:

>at least cousins of Grover & Oscar th Grouch ;-) great minds think alike
>and fools seldom differ.
hehe :)

>ps did Madonna send you off with some of her warm socks for th inclement
>North Western Gales ?
dayum, nah she's left me all alone again. i think she is in perpetual
Silence (and likely to be sued by John Cage) - she wont speak to me...

then again, i got Eminem on my side (see sig)... he might pose a bit of
a threat... ;)

>glad to hear you arrived on Turtle Island safe & sound :-)

thanks ;)

>'wanna jam' with some o those Peak (tm) Freans ?
hmm... chocolate and jam... does it work?

>ps did they call Peak * Peak (editir) after th Cookies ? ;-)

i dunno but i've got a lot of them in my computer... must be dropping
crumbs, i better clean it out ;P

mmm, cheers *pours tea*


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