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Still here

now at
<http://www.activatedspace.com> documentation and papers there


Check out Ros Bandts book

Sound Sculpture, Sound Sculpture, 2001

Also look at


Hope that helps - there are also many catalogues around from previous
exhibitions such as Sonic Boom - you can find some info on line and in


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>Garth Paine? i'm not sure if he's still on the list but:
>andrea cornell wrote:
>>Hello to all the peoples of the list!
>>I am in need of some aid....
>>I wish to locate theoretical texts that discuss issues
>>of immersive sonic environments, or more broadly,
>>immersive artistic practices/experiments. As I am
>>mock-curaing an art exhibit that revolves around
>>immersive sonic environments, some of which are
>>interactive, and I need a theoretical or historical
>>foundation for my critical analysis of these works
>>that i am mock-curating.
>>thanks for anything


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