FWD: 3rd International Linux Audio Conference

Subject: FWD: 3rd International Linux Audio Conference
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Fri Oct 22 2004 - 10:27:28 EDT

[Ludger Bruemmer <lb@zkm.de>]

The 3rd International Linux Audio Conference (or "LAC05" for short)
will take place on April 21st-24th,2005, again at the ZKM (Zentrum

Kunst und Medientechnologie, Center for Arts and Media Technology) in
Karlsruhe, Germany.

The organizers are now happy to send out the Call for Papers, Call for

Music and more. We have prepared a web site containing all the details,

including the text of the Calls, submission instructions, mailing
list/contact addresses and more here:


The website is not fully equipped yet (e.g., the templates for Papers
have not been finished, and registration is not yet possible), but
this will be added in the next weeks. Please watch the "News" page
for up to

date information.

Call for Music

There will be again some concerts during the conference. We are
looking for music that has been produced completely or mostly under
Linux and/or with open source software:

  95 Interesting demos of sound synthesis, sound processing, etc.
This should include a short talk/introduction to the technique used.
95 "Serious" compositions, to be played in a concert-like
context 95 Electronica, Chill-Out, Ambient etc.

  If you want to participate, send your composition(s) to this address:

Linux Sound Night ZKM | Institut fuer Musik und Akustik Lorenzstr. 19
D-76135 Karlsruhe Germany

Make use of one of the following media formats:

  95 Media: Audio-CD, DVD or CD-ROM 95 File formats: aiff or
wav 95 Channels: mono, stereo or multi-channel 95 Samplerate:
44.1 or 48 kHz

Include the following items with your submission (in English):

  95 Requirements (speaker setup, instruments etc.)

For the printed programme and to be published online and on the
conference CD, in continuous text (no table or list please):

  95 A short commentary on the composition(s) (each ca. 150 words)
95 A short Curriculum Vitae (ca. 100 words)

Deadline for submissions is 10 Jan 2005.

A jury will select the compositions that will be performed/played.
Furthermore, the jury will give out 3 prices to participants to
contribute to their travel expenses.

Besides artistic criteria and technical reasons, these criteria apply
for the selection:

  95 Tape pieces or pieces which are performed by the composer
herself will generally have more chances to get included. 95 If we
get more pieces than we can include in the programme, composers who
are attending the conference are preferred.

Terms and conditions for participation can be found in the form
mentioned above. This form includes among other things:

  95 I will receive no fees whether my composition is played or
not. 95 GEMA fees (in case of performance) will be paid by
ZKM. 95 The material I send to ZKM will not be returned.

Additionally to this Call for Music, there will be an open stage called

"Plug & Chill - The Linux Jam Night"

at Saturday night (23 Apr 2005), where attendents of the conference are

invited to perform their pieces in a less "official" context. There is

no deadline for this, so people can decide during the conference if
they want to participate.

However if you already know that you want to participate, do not
hesitate to inform us. Send us an email to lac2005 at zkm dot de and
include a description of your equipment and a short characterisation
of your music (keywords only).

During the conference it is possible to register at the info desk.
Note that there is a time limit for "Plug & Chill". If we have
received too many registrations already you might not get a slot.

Contributions to "Plug & Chill" should not exceed 10 min.

There will be a room at ZKM where people can meet during the conference

and rehearse for "Plug & Chill".

Ludger Br FCmmer

Leitung Institut f FCr Musik und Akustik Director of Institute for
Music and Acoustics

/////// / |< ||| | ZKM|Zentrum f FCr Kunst und Medientechnologie
/////// / |< ||| | Center for Art and Media /////// / |< ||| |
Centre d'Art et de Technologie des Medias

Lorenzstrasse 19 . D - 76135 Karlsruhe P.O. Box 6909 . D - 76049 Karlsruhe

Phone ++49 721 8100-1600 Fax ++49 721 8100-1699 email: lb@zkm.de
http://www.zkm.de http://www.sumtone.com/lb

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