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Subject: Re: Forward into the 19th Century
From: Philippe-Aubert Gauthier (
Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 13:11:55 EDT


May I change it like this : ``novelty of technology tends to wear off fast and
then we realize, "hey, what we had before was actually [lovely]. Let's go back
a step [since new technologies are technically better : we can now virtualize
anything from the lovely past]"''

It was :

> > novelty of technology tends to wear off fast and then we realize, "hey,
> > what we had before was actually a lot better. Let's go back a step."

I think that we have to note that most of the current and new media techs are
developped to achieve a "supposed" transparency of reproduction (here you can
see the recent influences of my current reading : Bayle). Is that a bad or good
idea? Its not really important ... since such "commercial/abstract" goal is
running many researches, debates, and investments, in the hi-fi domain.

Many past techs (like an old vintage analog synth or older telephone) have been
introduced like a New Thing (that is bringing a new sound or a new
communication chain respectively), a new product which will totaly change your
life. This is no more the case, since we are working to give some transparency
to a window showing a virtual world where everything from the lovely past and
present may be recreated. It is surely easier to do this than to keep track of
all the vintage synth hardware schematics, all older hardware replacement
pieces, etc. Soft-things and emulation give rises to a more flexible world. As
an example : A magnetic tape in 50 years will be very difficult to read, while
a binary file (even 32kHz at 8bits) should cause problems (here assuming that
we stick to the binary representation).

Another emotional explanation that I am forced to give to myself very often
(this is used to compensate for potential alienation of working all the time
with the goal of creating new tech and ideas) : just because its crazy and
sometime absurd to seek for a constant changing world, we (at least me!) seek
some stabilization with older emotive things, books, thinkings, some souvenirs
to forgot that we are not really comfortable with current excessively fast tech
changes. In a past essay, I have called this the viscosity effect (inspired by
the subtle and beautiful world fluid mechanics) : that is resisting to

Am I wrong?

Out of topics, dinner timer, daydream reflexion :

The funny thing is that we are working so hard to create a virtual world while
we are giving more and more part of our human status to machine and computers
(industrial robot, artifical intelligence and evolution) ... this seems to
converge to the Animatrix thing ...

Bye bye!

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