Re: Forward into the 19th Century

Subject: Re: Forward into the 19th Century
From: Rick Nance (
Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 12:22:43 EDT

nahh.. my phone has only ever been set on vibrate, and if my old lind
line did that, I'd never know, because I'd be gone and I didn't have an
answering machine.

Thankfully, back in the old days, the smoke signals would linger in the
air a good while before the message got confused. But, if you were out
canoeing, you could get confused with the reflection of the signals in
the water. It made for a strange echo effect.


Jason Smalridge wrote:

> novelty of technology tends to wear off fast and then we realize, "hey,
> what we had before was actually a lot better. Let's go back a step."
> Jay

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