Spatialization tools release 1

Subject: Spatialization tools release 1
From: Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut (
Date: Thu Oct 14 2004 - 13:13:17 EDT

Hi list,

I'm very pleased to announce that new objects for sound spatialization are
available on the CICM web site :

These objects are developed by Rémi Mignot and Jean-Baptiste Thiébaut. Most
of them are available for Macintosh, Windows and Linux for Max/MSP and PD.

ambipan~ is an external that uses ambisonic techniques for a surround
panning up to 16 loudspeakers. The ambisonic algorithm is from Michael

ambicube~is a 3-dimensional version of ambipan~ so you can use it with two
levels of loudspeakers

vbapan~is an external that uses vector based amplitude panning for a
surround panning up to 16 loudspeakers. The vbap algorithl is from Ville

trajectory is an intuitive abstraction for drawing trajectories. It
contains 8 graphical tools such as ellipse, spiral, broken line, etc.
Trajectories can be stored. The coordinates may be send to ambipan~ and
vbapan~ to localise up to 16 independent sounds.

Help files are written in French for instance, the trajectory help is

Your feedback is welcome !

Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut

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