Re: sound diffusion

Subject: Re: sound diffusion
From: Adrian Moore (
Date: Mon Oct 11 2004 - 10:29:20 EDT

Good luck with the gig.
Check out the Harrison article for some ideas.

It's quite an old article but hey, things don't have to be
new to be worth reading / playing / etc. etc.


Quoting erdem helvacioglu <>:

> we will organise a 16 channel sound diffusion concert here in Istanbul. We
> will organise the concert at a club not so suitable for this but I think it
> will be interesting. Since there is nearly no sound diffusion concerts here,
> people are not very experienced about this. I would like to get more
> information about setting up a sound diffusion concert and diffusion
> performance. What is a good source for getting this information?
> Thanks and best,
> Erdem H.

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