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Subject: Re: sound diffusion
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Mon Oct 11 2004 - 09:08:38 EDT

IME, this is variable.

If the audience is to be fixed and facing in one direction, the
consideration can be of a 'front' for the space, but this may not be
the case.

The pieces selected can require 'location' (sound projection), or the
aim may be immersive (diffusion, in my use of the terms). The works
could be 'stereo' (acousmatic type) or they may 'left & right'.
Stereo image is not present in a 'variable' space, and intentional
motion gets lost because there is no 'front', left or right. With
'left & right' pieces, the sounds can be perceived as moving from
almost any position.

There is much more, but you may find that it will likely start from
some of the above points.

Avoid loud.



At 3:11 PM +0300 10/11/04, erdem helvacioglu wrote:
>we will organise a 16 channel sound diffusion concert here in
>Istanbul. We will organise the concert at a club not so suitable for
>this but I think it will be interesting. Since there is nearly no
>sound diffusion concerts here, people are not very experienced about
>this. I would like to get more information about setting up a sound
>diffusion concert and diffusion performance. What is a good source
>for getting this information?
>Thanks and best,
>Erdem H.

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