jetgroove warning

Subject: jetgroove warning
From: Ian Stewart (
Date: Sat Oct 09 2004 - 08:04:13 EDT

For those who have released music, run a label, or buy music online, you may
wish to look into this-

There's a new online store for 'alternative' music, (the beta
site went online 4 days ago). While jetgroove has legitimate contracts with
some labels, according to a few labels, jetgroove claims to offer their CDs
'for sale', without having obtained permission to do so. Each CD track is
listed with a price for download and a streaming audio excerpt. Try to buy
these tracks and you're told they are 'not yet available for purchase'.
Labels have asked jetgroove about this and have been told that jetgroove
would like to negotiate an agreement with the label to sell their music...!
If this is all true, jetgroove is doing some shady business, implying they
have an affiliation with labels where none exists, and offering free
streaming downloads of audio without authorization. I'm not involved in any
way- this is a summary of a discussion from the microsound list, where
several artists and labels were shocked to find their music listed in the
jetgroove online catalogue, and some have called for a boycott.

There are at least a few EA releases on the site (perhaps legitimately)- in
a quick scan I noticed a couple of Empreintes Digitales releases
(Electroclips, Oswald), a Barry Truax CD, and the 4-CD anthology of Canadian
Electroacoustic Music. Each CD is accompanied by streaming audio excerpts
(and the sound quality is deplorable!).



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