Re: speakers & the reproduction of samples at high sr

From: peiman khosravi (
Date: Sun Nov 07 2010 - 09:10:21 EST

Hi Aki,

Thanks for your reply. Actually I noticed the distortions in the concert the
other night! I had auditioned the piece on very good ATCs elsewhere and in
studio 4 at city and the distortions were not present (or audible). In the
concert though (and rehearsal too), on the same speakers (as studio 4) I
could hear them. Which makes me think it's the system rather than the
speakers. It can't be the digi box as we have that in the studio too. The
mix desk perhaps? Moving around didn't help, nor did playing out of one
speaker at a time (so phase artifacts probably play no part here). There
where no such problems with the other pieces which makes me think that it
has something to do with the presence of very high peak frequencies, around
and above 20k (as I compose at 96k). I have gone into the mix and got rid of
some of the high peaks to see if it makes a difference, but unfortunately
the concert set-up is no longer available to test it out!

Very curious, others to whom I've sent the piece have not noticed it either,
so something particular to that system. But what is interesting is that they
disappeared (at least mostly) when I converted to 44.1k (must be the
anti-aliasing filter getting rid of the extreme highs).



On 7 November 2010 13:50, Aki Pasoulas <> wrote:

> Hi Peiman,
> High frequencies are very directional, which means the distortion may have
> something to do with your sitting position. Are you playing back in studio 4
> at City? There might be reflections which introduce frequency combinations
> around your sitting position... Does anything change when you move around?
> Aki
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> *Subject:* speakers & the reproduction of samples at high sr
> Hello,
> When playing back at higher sampling rates does the converter filter out
> the highest frequency range before outputting the signal to the speakers? Or
> do the speakers simply ignore the frequencies that they cannot reproduce? In
> other words could these frequencies introduce artifacts in the way that
> speakers reproduce the sound?
> I have some sounds at 96k that are very rich in high frequencies, including
> some strong inaudible frequencies too. When I play these on my system at
> home (genelecs 8050) I cannot hear anything unusual, listening on headphones
> sounds fine too. when I play them at university on older models of genelecs
> and ATCs I can hear some artifacts as if the speakers are distorting at
> higher frequencies (but no red indicator). interestingly many of these
> artifacts disappear when I convert the audio to 44.1 as if the distortions
> are caused by the higher spectral elements (but why not on my system?). What
> could possibly lead to this kind of problem?
> Best,
> Peiman

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