Re: digital video cameras to record animals interviewing humans aboutth soundscape ;-)

Subject: Re: digital video cameras to record animals interviewing humans aboutth soundscape ;-)
From: macCormac (
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 12:54:18 EDT

dear Mr DbK/ dcB

sounds like a little black bird (box) that remembers what it hears in 'true'
stereo / octophonics :-)

thanks :-)
HMV - in vests we trust (see)
hear you at th BC Railway Station

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz wrote:

> At 11:50 PM 10/6/04 -0600, macCormac wrote:
> >as Price is always a consideration, within 'reason' which DigiVideo
> >would you recommend ?
> Ah, price, yes. Same consideration here, so professional units were way out
> of the question.
> I finally purchased a Canon Optura 20 DV camera at discount for US $416.
> After adding on a set of four filters, two extra batteries, a box of tapes,
> a case, shipping, etc., it was a little under $700.
> It's small, easy to use (very good manual features if you need them), has a
> bright flip-over monitor screen (so you can see from the front of the
> camera) and uses the same batteries as my Canon still camera so I didn't
> have to buy a charger (it charges batteries inside the camera, which is
> awkward if you need to continue to work).
> It's internal/external power, 12- or 16-bit stereo sound, external mic or
> AV source (I use a pair of clip-on mics for interviews), headphones, LCD or
> eyepiece, Firewire (nice control with the Vegas series of software), and
> takes 1MP still shots on a separate memory card. Memory card, cables, power
> supply, etc., plus an incomprehensible multi-lingual manual are included.
> Probably other stuff, too, but that's all I remember.
> The only issues for me have been that the cassette loads from the bottom
> (meaning you have to take it off a tripod) and that it's so small and light
> that long shots need to to be stabilized (despite its anti-shake software).
> Dennis

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