digital video cameras to record animals interviewing humans about th soundscape ;-)

Subject: digital video cameras to record animals interviewing humans about th soundscape ;-)
From: macCormac (
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 01:50:51 EDT

dear CEC / BBC / ABC, Colleagues, Associates & Amigos (grrrls & gyzzz,
specially th friendly ones)

i am writing to enquire as to what Digital Video Cameras would you
'group o folks' recommend ?

as Price is always a consideration, within 'reason' which DigiVideo
would you recommend ?

both regular size but also small and unobtrusive for th undercover
rapper types that don't want to scare th birds/people ?

i'm thinking o makin a feature film with th sounds o animals
interviewing human about th soundscape ;-)

as always, thank you / merçi / huy chewx a / graçias / do jay / xiu xiu
/ matsanee / arigato / com som ni da

bcc: Mr & Mz In a Daze on Stochastic Processes & Thrash Aboot's Cousins
on Washing Machine Music. i do DAT too . . .

watch out for thos bloopers . . . eh ?

best regards, sylvi macCormac
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bc
siwash rock and soundscape
dj serious mc squared
rapper undercover (c)
dis abled in vaudeville
cc: Mr. Czink, do you have a copy from Co-op Radio Show
Musiça Nova on which you spoke so eloquently o John ?

for John Clarke Xwexwselkn 1945-2003

1. xálek' sekyu siyám/chief ian campbell - sxwi7shenalkwlh/elaho(3:o2)
2.. sandy scofield - all my relations (2:14)
3. veda hille - plants (2:56)
4. bruce cockburn - child of the wind (4:o8)
5. barry truax - island (3:o3 xrpt)
6. sylvi macCormac - carving canoes (3:55)
7. sandy scofield - broken land (3:35)
8. hildegard westerkamp - beneath the forest floor (3:20 xcrpt)
9. buffy sainte-marie - starwalker (3:o3)
1o.kinnie starr - red%x (4:oo)
11. shel neufeld - midnight forest run (3:55)
12. sylvi macCormac - horizon (5:oo)
13. anthony mcnab favel - northern loon (1:55)
14. jeremy williams - wind in the cedars (2:oo)
15. sylvi macCormac - witness : round journey (18:1o)
with Squamish Spirit, Journey & Honour Songs
16. spakwus slúlem/eagle song dancers - legend of tkaya/wolf song (8:1o)

mastered & produced by sylvi macCormac with
T'Uy 'Tanat / Cease Wyss -
Slanay Spakwus Nancy Bleck -
Telélsemkin Siyám Chief Bill Williams -

Huy Chewx A / Thank You to Artists, Volunteers, Mountain Equipment
the record companies including EMI Canada & True North Records,
Lisa Baile, Round House Community Centre & Squamish Nation.

(p) 2004 UTS'AM/WITNESS (c) Composers / Songwriters (socan / ascap)



Bruce Cockburn, Buffy Sainte-Marie among artists featured on benefit CD

(VANCOUVER) UTS'AM / WITNESS launches its first CD. The benefit CD
features Bruce Cockburn, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Kinnie Starr, Veda Hille,
Sandy Scofield and Barry Truax among other celebrated artists who
support the cross-cultural dialogue project.

A soundscape artist, macCormac performed at the launch with Xálek' Sekyu
Siyám, Anthony McNab Favel, Shel Neufeld, Sandy Scofield, Barry Truax,
Hildegard Westerkamp, Jeremy Williams, and the Eagle Song Dancers with
Chief Bill Williams.

UTS'AM / WITNESS has brought people together to speak, listen and be
heard on First Nations, ecological and community issues
since it began its award-winning ceremony and camping weekends in 1996.
The project introduces people from all walks of life to Coast Salish
tradition by inviting them to 'witness' the events that shape our lives.

The Wilderness Education Program ( provides the impetus
for students and teachers to make a personal connection with wilderness,
and inspires them to make caring for Wild Nature part of their lives.

              Both projects were founded in part by Order of Canada
recipient and legendary mountaineer John Clarke. A renowned wilderness
educator, John died last year. The CD is dedicated to his memory.

              'We wanted to honour the memory of John Clarke, and the
work he has done through this amazing project' says sylvi macCormac, CD

              'The artists featured on the CD represent a unique group
of voices coming together to support a truly significant project,' says

              'We want people to enjoy the music of these talented
people and be transported to a place where we can learn and share with
each other.'

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Benefit CDs can be purchased online at:

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