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Subject: Re: Dancing to the Dishwasher
From: John Kamevaar (
Date: Wed Oct 06 2004 - 15:59:31 EDT

Deleuze and his buddy were write (I mean right) about the machine thing.
Thanks for sharing that with the group.
The Industrial Evolution...wait....THE INDUSTRIAL RE-REVOLUTION.... (oh
Is hear, no,

"realism"basedonmimesisoftheproduct...or produce (the noun)
Phew! I had ta get that off o' my chess..t.
must be pretty cool, Sandra, Sandra'son, and Rich Art.

Richard Zvonar wrote:

> At 6:32 PM -0700 10/2/04, Sandra wrote:
> >My 14 month old son enjoys dancing to music...I started the
> >dishwasher, and all of a sudden, he started dancing in front of it.
> I never danced as a child, but I did have a peculiar relationship
> with my grandparents' washing machine when I was a year or so old. It
> was an old-fashioned cylindrical machine with the rollers on top
> (this was 1947). They kept it in the kitchen of their apartment, and
> when it was not in use they covered it with a piece of fabric (with a
> white and red pattern of tiny flowers) that to my toddler's eyes
> looked like a skirt. One day I was left in their care for a few hours
> and I pretended that this was my mother's skirt and clung to it for
> comfort.
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