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Subject: RE: Dancing to the Dishwasher
From: Mauricio Duarte-Neira (039166d) (
Date: Tue Oct 05 2004 - 02:02:36 EDT

I dont know, but having studied percussion and even before studying percussion, I too danced or sang to sounds from machines, motors, car turn signals clicks, walking, running, animal sounds, etc...I still actually do that, maybe not dance to a wash machine, but make up beats from rhythms that I hear around me, clicks, or footsteps, etc...I do sometimes tap my foot on a washing machine with a looping rhythmic pattern :) I would actaully add another beat over it. You just gave me an idea! Maybe I should scratch and do turntablism over washing machine rhythmic patterns. Thanks :)


From: on behalf of Ryan Torchia
Sent: Sat 10/2/2004 10:38 PM
Subject: Re: Dancing to the Dishwasher

I don't think age has much to do with it. I still dance to mine. Used
to drive the roommates crazy.

Sandra wrote:

>Hello list,
>My 14 month old son enjoys dancing to music. He does it often and he'll
>dance to many different types of music. A couple of months ago, he
>started to bounce in place when he would hear certain songs. Then several
>weeks ago, he started to move his head from side to side (kind of like a
>Stevie Wonder thing). Lately his new thing is to sway back and forth from
>one leg to another.But today, the cutest and most interesting thing
>happened. I started the dishwasher, and all of a sudden, he started
>dancing in front of it. I was wondering what some of your views were on
>the topic of music and how it is perceived in very young children
>(toddlers age 12 months +). Did my son perceive the sound(s) of the
>dishwasher as music?
>Any other views relating to this topic are welcome. I have been curious
>about this ever since he was born!
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