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Subject: Re: Airship R101 webcast Monday night
From: James Bailey (
Date: Mon Oct 04 2004 - 11:42:32 EDT

Lisa Whistlecroft wrote:

> Slightly off topic but his may be of interest? (sorry about the
> shameless advertising but the (rest of) the programme should be
> great!) If you're not in Bedford, UK, the Webcast is worldwide
> 18.24 - 02.04 BST 4-5 October 2004. The R101 never made it to Canada
> but its sister ship the R100 did!

I don't know if it's mentioned in there, though I'm sure it is, but the
R101 was never intended to fly to Canada (unlike the R100). It was
intended for the East India run, which meant modifications were requested
by bureaucrats that resulted in it crashing into a French hillside.

A "rock opera" (or "songstory" as the composer calls it) has been written
about the event, by a fellow named Judge Smith called "Curly's Airships"
( The music may not be to the taste of
most on this list, but for "prog-rock" fans, especially those who like Van
Der Graaf Generator (many of whom participate, since Judge Smith
occasionally wrote lyrics for them), I would recommend it. Even for those
who don't like the music, though, the site has lots of information about
what went on at the time.

James Bailey
host: Electric Storm / A Missing Sense
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