Re: algorithmic music

Subject: Re: algorithmic music
From: David Mooney (
Date: Sun Oct 03 2004 - 09:19:07 EDT

Ben Edwards (benge) has a disk called meme tunes on the
expanding records label (all the lower case is their thing,
not sloppy typing). There's an insert with a rather
elaborate schmatic of the algorithmic method by with the
tune titles were generated. It's not clear how this relates
to the music, though. There are so many genres out there in
the alternative (to what?) music scene that I couldn't tell
what slot this fits into, but it's fine work.

Prof Malone wrote:
> I have Eno and Ian Hammer
> does any one have more pop oriented algo music?
> --
> happy tunes
> don malone
> it takes all of us
> >
> >>>> - 9/30/04 1:47 PM >>>
> > I am looking for recordings of music that uses algorithmic techniques.
> > Historical and contemporary.
> > Including all styles.

David Mooney

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