Dancing to the Dishwasher

Subject: Dancing to the Dishwasher
From: Sandra (princess_v_444@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Oct 02 2004 - 21:32:07 EDT

Hello list,
My 14 month old son enjoys dancing to music. He does it often and he'll
dance to many different types of music. A couple of months ago, he
started to bounce in place when he would hear certain songs. Then several
weeks ago, he started to move his head from side to side (kind of like a
Stevie Wonder thing). Lately his new thing is to sway back and forth from
one leg to another.But today, the cutest and most interesting thing
happened. I started the dishwasher, and all of a sudden, he started
dancing in front of it. I was wondering what some of your views were on
the topic of music and how it is perceived in very young children
(toddlers age 12 months +). Did my son perceive the sound(s) of the
dishwasher as music?
Any other views relating to this topic are welcome. I have been curious
about this ever since he was born!

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