Re: Tape and live sound combined (performance)

Subject: Re: Tape and live sound combined (performance)
From: jmmmp (
Date: Fri Oct 01 2004 - 19:43:54 EDT

Sorry that I came up with a question, instead of an answer:
I am also making some research about the performance issues related to
instrument-&-tape works (how to make a good balanced sound, etc.). Does
anyone knows a nice virtual place where some information about it might be

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Subject: RE: Tape and live sound combined

> Hello all,
> Apologies for being unclear in my previous post:
> I am primarily interested in pre-recorded text, and live sound combined
> works and **not just tape**. By "pre-recorded" I am referring to
> playback (analogue, CD, ADAT, DVD etc.)
> Thanks again
> ~M.

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