Re: algorithmic music

Subject: Re: algorithmic music
From: Eliot Handelman (
Date: Sat Oct 02 2004 - 03:14:18 EDT wrote:

>Algorithmic composition flowers from deep roots in the long-standing,
>Faustian dream of Western civilization to rationalize nature and understand
Ok, but there's an equally long-standing engagement with chaos in western
culture going back to the greeks and continually present. for xenakis
chaos undoubtedly
has the mysterious role of preceding and so enabling creation --
conisder gendyn here. As far
as I know, very few people attempt algorithmic composing as a way of
composing -- it's almost always the opposite, because one hopes for
results. The problem of rationaliztion is whether you can create pieces
on the order of
Beethoven or Strauss, and I don't mean by recombining sampled music.
There's probably
only a few theorists who try this -- consider "melisma," a program by
temperley. the results
are wooden.

My feeling is that rationaliztion could create chaos, which is why I'm
for it. It's clear that
computer music will progress only through a ton of analysis, of sound,
psychoacoustics, perception,
of music itself, and ultimately the mind. I want musical AI to be a
reality because I have no
idea what will come of it.

-- eliot

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