Re: algorithmic music

Subject: Re: algorithmic music
From: Jason Thomas (
Date: Fri Oct 01 2004 - 15:39:44 EDT

> Take a listen to Kui Dong's wonderful piece, Flying
> Apples, which
> appears on SEAMUS CD Vol. 8.
> Chin-Chin

Just listened to this, nice piece. I'd like to know
more about what's going on than the brief liner notes
contain... I also have a recommendation, Tenney's
works from 61-69 on New World Records (#80570). If
you have access to an academic library, they may have
the original frog peak recording containing the same
material that is now out of print. The works contained
(specifically dialogue and phases) are among the first
algorithmically composed pieces to also be realized
via digital synthesis. You may also get a kick out of
the Historical CD of Synthesized Sound, Wergo WE152-3,
which depending on our definition of "algorithmic"
would also contain relevant pieces (or experiments)
from Lewin, Matthews, Pierce, etc.



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