Computer music Survey

Subject: Computer music Survey
From: Rodrigo F. Cadiz (
Date: Fri Oct 01 2004 - 01:34:18 EDT

Hi! I'm Rodrigo F. Cadiz, currently a PhD student in Music Technology at
Northwestern University. One of my research areas is computer music
composition, I am currently investigating the influence of computer
technology on musicality and I would appreciate very much if you could
spend some time answering the following survey. Also, if you know other
composers not registered in this list and you can forward this email to
them, I would appreciate that even more.

If you want to participate, please respond the survey privately by
sending an email to Do not reply to this list.

Thanks a lot.

1) Has computer (digital) technology changed in any way your musical
thought as a composer or performer? If so, why? and how?

2a) If you are mainly a composer of electroacustic or computer music,
why did you choose to follow this path and not the traditional (acoustic
2b) If you are mainly a composer of instrumental acoustic music, do you
think computer technology could help you to do this task better? How?
2c) If you are mainly a composer of mixed works (acoustical instruments
+ computer) what attracts you to this approach?
2d) If you compose acoustic, mixed and pure electronic works equally,
what do you prefer? Why?
2e) If you are a performer that uses technology, why do you use it?
2f) If you are a performer that does not use technology, do you think it
could be of any help to you? How?

3) If you have experience (a little or a lot) with live electronics and
have used any kind of sensor technology to control sound in real time.
What have you used? Why? What kind of technology do you prefer?

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