Re: algorithmic music

Subject: Re: algorithmic music
From: Michael Rhoades (
Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 22:26:25 EDT

Hello Don.

I compose Electroacoustic Music utilizing algorithmic techniques. The main
focus has been upon score based synthesis involving stochastic processes. I
have just this week finished a double CD called Dream Travels and the 18th
Rule. It is based upon the use of cellular automata as the static elements
of the score. Dynamic elements were determined by stochastic techniques.

I have not yet posted this CD on my web site, although I have begun sending
copies of it out. There are however seven others CDs listed there all
involving algorithmic processes.

Good luck on your project.

Michael Rhoades


> I am looking for recordings of music that uses algorithmic techniques.
> Historical and contemporary.
> Including all styles.
> --
> happy tunes
> don malone
> it takes all of us

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