Re: Best fire alarm contest

Subject: Re: Best fire alarm contest
From: macCormac (
Date: Mon Sep 20 2004 - 07:51:56 EDT

dear Dr Logic (yo bro)

thank goodness for sensitive/sense-able mathe-mate-cians putting digits/data to
good use and SOUND ing th Alarms

rev up th engines old boy :-) why do acoustic ecologists study silence while
making as much noise as possiblé ?

is it 5:46 am in th morning Montréal or have you been studying all night and are
on West Coast Time ?

best always, macCormac (iriXx's distant cuz - s/he's th one
that got me into all this trouble with MADonna & McCartney ;-)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bc
siwash rock & (awol in th) soundscape
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - re-muffin-mix

Philippe-Aubert Gauthier wrote:

> A production which would produce the most effective alarm signal (rapidly
> getting your attention) with the lowest rms level should surely get a mention
> of honor for environmental noise reduction.
> Selon Dennis Bathory-Kitsz <>:
> > At 07:07 PM 9/19/04 -0700, Eliot Handelman wrote:
> > >I'm tossing around the idea of an audio design contest for "best car
> > >alarm sound," "best smoke detector sound,"
> > >etc. -- the sorts of sounds usually designed by engineers and
> > >psychologists.

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