The Agents of Impurity

Subject: The Agents of Impurity
From: Richard Whitelaw (
Date: Mon Sep 20 2004 - 06:53:28 EDT

Sonic Arts Network presents The Agents of Impurity - a Night of Sound,
Poetry and Sound Poetry

Sonic Arts Network invites you to The Agents of Impurity, a special free
broadcast benefit event for Resonance FM on Sunday 17 October, 7.00pm
The Museum of Garden History,
Lambeth Palace Road
Tube: Lambeth North
SAN is honoured to present an exclusive presentation of the work of Henri
Chopin. Chopin has been a tireless explorer of the grain of the voice since
the 50s and his work opens new ways of listening beyond the separation
between music and language. Kenneth Goldsmith will interview Henri Chopin
prior to the presentation.

We also present an exclusive performance from Caroline Bergvall whose sound
poetry represents the disintegration of speech in spoken performance and a
meeting point between various languages; physical and verbal, French and
English, live voice and ventriloquised technology. Bergvall will present a
complete performance of "About Face", a project that uses the live, oral
performance of a written text to explore speech residues, spittles,
hesitations and micro-particles of sense.

Also performing will be Kenneth Goldsmith, mastermind of the epochal Goldsmith¹s writing has been described as the most ³exhaustive and
beautiful collage work yet produced in poetry² by Publishers Weekly.
Sue Tompkins, another of our special guests, presents "More Cola Wars",
performance poetry that moves from the page to the voice, from speech to
song, from song to signal, from signal to pure sound. A process of writing
and a process of thought revealed in poetic performance.
The evening is rounded off by the London debut of Birmingham¹s Frank Cougar,
inhabitant of a surreal and enigmatic world between music and the spoken
word, cabaret and a half remembered Raymond Chandler novel, darkness and the
Soundscape ambience during the evening will be provided by John Levack
Drever who will present a mix of audio recordings of Dartmoor cattle grids,
fox hunting and vintage field recordings from the 1930s.
SAN will also be launching The Agents of Impurity CD publication at the
event. This publication, curated by Kenneth Goldsmith, traces a history of
sound and concrete poetry from the justified and ancient to recent and
morally reprehensible. It features a wealth of mind-expanding material
including audio and visual work from Artaud, Beckett, Eduardo Paolozzi, Vito
Acconci, Neil Mills, Jaap Blonk, Ergo Phizmiz, Sue Tompkins and Caroline
Bergvall. The CD publication represents a third of our set of tri-annual
releases. It can be purchased separately or, for greater value for your hard
earned cash, become a member of Sonic Arts Network and receive three curated
CDs over the next 12 months.

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