Subject: Fwd: MUSICA NOVA 2004
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Sun Sep 19 2004 - 22:24:37 EDT

>Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 11:57:37 +0200
>From: Rudolf Ruzicka <ruzicka@fi.muni.cz>
>Subject: MUSICA NOVA 2004
>Spolecnost pro elektroakustickou hudbu
>(Society for Electro-acoustic Music of the Czech Republic)
>announces an International Electro-acoustic Music Composition
>Competition MUSICA NOVA 2004

>1. The competition MUSICA NOVA was for the first time realized in 1969.
>2. Composers, irregardless of their age and nationality are invited to
>submit their works of electro-acoustic music created after 1st January 2001.

>3. Category A is open to compositions of autonomous art
>electro-acoustic music (tape music), or only one independent
>4. Category B is open to compositions of autonomous art
>electro-acoustic music, or only one independent movement, for
>instrument/voice/ensemble plus electronic media. Send one of realized
>complete version of the composition, sent only electro-acoustic
>without the instrumental or voice part will be excluded.

>5. Each composer may submit only one entry to each category in
>duration of no longer than 20 minutes, and the work may not have
>been awarded a prize in another competition, nor been submitted to
>previous MUSICA NOVA competitions.
>6. Competition entries in both categories must be submitted with the
>name of the composer specified.

>7. Members of the jury cannot take part in the competition.
>8. The jury of the competition shall be appointed by the leadership
>of the Society for Electro-acoustic Music and composed of leading
>composers of electro-acoustic compositions, musicologists, critics,
>and recording engineers specializing in the electro-acoustic music
>9. Entries must be sent to the following address postmarked:
>MUSICA NOVA 2004, HIS, Besedni 3, 118 00 PRAHA 1, Czech Republic
>no later than 10 October 2004.

>a. Entries into category A and B, recorded on a sophisticated technical
>level and in stereo, must be submitted in the medium of CD or DVD
>(AC3, DTS, DVD audio), and indexed by their I.D. number and/or
>absolute time.
>b. Entries into categories A and B shall be accompanied by a score (if
>necessary), technical and artistic description, name of studio where
>work was produced, their durata, graphs, etc., to be judged by the
>c. Entries into categories A and B shall be accompanied by a brief
>artist statement, short biography, nationality, address, telephone
>number, fax, and e-mail (attached form), see attached form.

>10. The entry fee for each composition is 20 American dollars (or
>equivalent). The fee can be remitted on your written request in
>special case (f. e. your social situation).

>Way of payment:
>- IMO (International Money Order), address: HIS (Musica Nova),
>Besedni 3, 118 00 Praha 1, CZ
>- Check, write on it: Society for Electro-acoustic Music, Musica
>Nova only (not the address of HIS please - it is only an address
>postal for sending your CD or IMO!)
>- Bank order Number of our bank account: 14045349/0800
Name and address of our bank: C.S.a.s., Konevova 4, 130 00 PRAHA 3,
Czech Republic

>Name of our account: Society for Electro-acoustic Music, Radlicka
>99, 150 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic.
>- Swift code (number): CSPOCZPP

>Please, hold the distinction of address postal (HIS Besedni) and
>address official that could be write on the bank order or checks. If
>your transfer charges would be to expensive, write to
>lenka.dohnalova@divadlo.cz, please.

>11. The audio recordings entered in the competition shall not be
>returned to the composers and shall remain in the Society for
>Electro-acoustic Music archives.
>12. By entering his/her work in the competition, the composer
>consents to public performances of his/her work in concerts and/or
>radio broadcasting. The composer retains the copyright.
>13. Prizes shall be awarded for the winning entries after the jury has
>announced its verdict, which cannot be appealed. The jury can decide to
>either combine, divide or not award some of the prizes.

>14. Prizes in Categories A and B include: First Prizes, Honorable
>Mentions and Special Prizes for Czech composers and for young
>composers (until 30 years).
>15. All entrants shall be notified of the verdict by the jury on the
>awarding of prizes and honorable mentions by 15 November 2004.
>16. Prizes will be presented during the award concert in December
>2004 in Prague.
>17. The awarded compositions will be performed in concerts in 2003
>organized by the Society for Electro-acoustic Music and broadcast by
>radio. The
>outcome of the competition will be published in the network of
>International Music Council too.
>Society for Electro-acoustic Music of the Czech Republic
>Secretary: Lenka Dohnalova,Ph.D - tel. +420/603584218, tel&fax
>+420/222540809, lenka.dohnalova@divadlo.cz

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