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Subject: Re: [OT] Thinkpad + Fireface
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Sat Sep 18 2004 - 16:44:54 EDT

check out the "alsa project" (sound drivers) website to see if its
compatible first!!! the Hammerfall is very, very well supported and is
the best to run Ardour - the ProTools clone. Ardour was basically built
for the Hammerfall. also check out - the home
of the linux-audio-user support mailing list -they're great and most of
them are the developers, too. they'll get you up and running - and will
advise you on the newer thinkpads.

i had an old Thinkpad which i used with an M-Audio Quattro - which i
still use on my current machine (a Vaio). worked beautifully and the
drivers were easy to install. use the latest Mandrake Linux distro and
it'll do them all for you /as long as/ you attach it while setting up!!
( i think).

Generally, Thinkpads are the most cooperative laptop with Linux because
IBM are keen on working together with the linux developers.... check out
their mainframe projects ;)



jmmmp wrote:

>Hello dear list,
>I was thinking of buying a IBM Thinkpad (not sure which model yet) and a RME
>Fireface, to do both live and "dead" electronics. I had some experience with
>linux before, but now I wanted to go deeper in it (but also have windows on
>the side for emergencies).
>Has anyone had any experience with either from these devices?
>Thank you,
>Joćo Miguel Pais
>Lugostr. 14
>79100 Freiburg
>+49 (0) 761 7074997

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