PRESS RELEASE phoniq presents 09/24/2004

Subject: PRESS RELEASE phoniq presents 09/24/2004
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Wed Sep 15 2004 - 12:00:40 EDT

saturday september 25 2004

phoniq brings you an evening of deep listening

featuring from toronto

akumu - live -

and the local stylings of

naw - live -
scant intone vs. various - live - /
cyan - dj -

la salle d'attente (esperanza)
5490 st-laurent, montreal
9pm SHARP first live artist is on at 1030pm.
how much:

for more info visit:



the PHONIQ collective brings you the third in our ongoing series of live
electronic music events. each of these events are designed to act as an
exploration into the different intersections between technology and
music/art making. this time around phoniq will feature an assembly of
artists all working to create an immersive deep listening experience. the
evening will feature: the first ever appearance of toronto's very own
AKUMU, whose recently released 'fluxes' cd on the akumu imprint spider
records, shows us a deeper, lush, dark ambient side to this artist as
opposed to his self titled debut from 2000, which exhibited his more dub
ambient side. for this montreal performance akumu will play a cross
section of his slow-beat dub found on his earlier release and the pure
deep ambience of his most recent 'fluxes' release.
akumu's performance will also feature some of the artists own video work
projected during his performance.

rounding out this evening of deep listening will be phoniq co-founder and
noise factory recording artist NAW, who will be presenting a very rare
live presentation of his microsound/idm experimental musings. panospria
label head and phoniq collective members SCANT INTONE and VARIOUS will be
performing a tag team live pa of glitchy/experimental shapeshifting music.
opening and closing the evenings activities will be modular systems host
and phoniq co-founder CYAN djing the less dance floor oriented
idm/quirky electro and other found rareties that find their way into
her vast music collection.


phoniq is a collective of individuals dedicated to promoting bleeding edge
electronic music/art in interesting variable environments, with an
emphasis on exposing aural and visual talent that has not yet been exposed
to the electronic arts communities of montreal and canada. we aim to
showcase upstart music producers, djs, and emerging visual artists all
working in electronic realms. our foremost goal is to showcase off the
wall and raw genres of music and visual electronic arts- not just those
that are currently "en vogue" or will be shortly.

the concept for phoniq came together through the chance meeting of 2
active members of the montreal/canadian electronic music and digital arts
community: ckut-fm dj/host cyan and dub glitch techno producer naw. phoniq
has grown out of the combined histories of these 2 individuals. naw brings
the clonk legacy that he created 6 years ago in toronto, which hosted such
artists as: monolake, kit clayton and sutekh. cyan brings her ongoing
involvement in community radio, event coordinating and
dj talents.

since then the collective has grown to include 5 core members
responsible for keeping things running. after a short 6 months phoniq has
grown from an idea of "how can we create a viable promotional vehicle for
canadian electronic artists", into a music series, an active community mailing
list/community forum, and in the coming months phoniq will relaunch its site
designed to act as a portal resource for the canadian electronic music
community which will include a net-label.

somewhere between the spacey soundscapes of dark ambient lounge
music and the scratchy breakbeats of downtempo drum n' bass lies the
wonderful world of akumu. the brainchild of deane hughes, founder of the
independent spider records label, who has previously recorded under the
names thrive and alchemy, akumu ranges from languid liquid synths that
feel like a drowsy summer afternoon, to hypnotic ringing and cascading
full-speed-ahead bass-plus-beats, to spooky synths and muffled electronic
planet-blips. "akumu" means "bad dream" in Japanese, and a lot of his
music has a dreamlike quality to it.

dark ambiences, shadowy beats, haunting microscapes, from electronic
artist and film composer deane hughes, akumu is an exploration of
atmospheres, moods and rhythms. deane is celebrating the release of his
latest akumu cd, entitled fluxes. this minimalist cd was written and
created in guatemala, honduras & mexico over a 6-month time span using
binaural field recordings to construct drone-based and loop-based
instruments. deane will be performing and improvising on material from
fluxes and other material with visuals projected from some of his abstract
video-work at this first ever montreal performance for this artist.

montreal native neil wiernik began his explorations in electronic music
making as early as 1988. known to push the boundaries of his musical form,
naws music is a blend of sound manipulation/design, experimental music and
dub-tech rhythms, which on the surface sound quite simple, but incorporate
a number of touches that steer this artist away from being simply another
minimal techno or experimental laptop artist. he combines post-house,
dubby minimal techno, microsound and thick ambience, to create his own
version of deep techno, house and other electronic laptop oriented musics.
neil has released music on various national and international record
labels, including up coming releases in 2004 on clever-music, worthy
records and his follow up full length to his 2002 noise factory release
called green nights orange days due out october 2004 and will include
tours to co-enside with this release in canada and europe in october/november
and through out 2005.

constantine katsiris was born and raised in a strange little place called
saskatoon in the canadian prairies. after traveling and living abroad for
various lengths of time he has now settled temporarily in montreal. He has
been active in the electronic arts since the mid-90s as an artist,
designer, dj and producer of unusual musics. current projects include operating
the panospria label and recording experimental electronic
works as scant intone.

a new addition to phoniq, various works mostly at the broken edge of
feedback and digital distortion. ranging from ultra minimal drones and
glitch loops, all the way to dramatic bursts of textured noise and angry
everything. various' music can only be described as not really music at
all. or it could be described as music after all.
it's probably something,

cyan has been a regular of montreal's independent airwaves since 1996 and
currently co-hosts modular systems on ckut 90.3 fm. one of the founding members
of the phoniq collective, her dj sets can vary from minimal, dub and
glitch sounds to deep detroit inspired techno rhythms.

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