Seattle Phonographers Union live in Seattle

Subject: Seattle Phonographers Union live in Seattle
From: Chris DeLaurenti (
Date: Tue Sep 14 2004 - 15:28:15 EDT

Here's some information about a performance of the Seattle Phonographers Union with special guest Bernhard Gal.

Sunday, September 19
On the Boards Studio Theater, 100 West Roy on Queen Anne Hill, 8 pm,
$0-$5 sliding scale donation.

The Seattle Phonographers Union improvises collectively, solo, and in small groups with unprocessed field recordings made next door and around the world.

Sound sources include distantly rasping pine trees, rushing rivers, buzzing wasps, vibrating machinery, touch football in the park, gulls alighting into the sky, and other overlooked ambiances of everyday life as well as rugged audio from the recent protests at the RNC in New York.

The line-up: Steve Barsotti, Christopher DeLaurenti, Dale Lloyd, Perri Lynch, Toby Paddock, Steve Peters, and Jonathan Way as well as a solo set from special guest acclaimed sound artist Bernhard Gal (Vienna/Berlin) who is touring the United States.

This extract by Francois Couture (All Music Guide) about the recent Phonographers Union cd, Live on Sonarchy Radio (Accretions), offers more detail:

"With an acute sense of listening, the artists are combining their recordings (not mere sounds but chunks of space, as the microphone picks up more than just a birdsong or a creaking floor), creating a gripping aural symphony where the listener is left free of linking sounds together or imagining scenes that would accomodate all the sounds heard at one particular moment. More free-form and easy-flowing than musique concrète, much more concrete than experimental electronica, this music speaks to the mind and the soul, as some of these sounds are very familiar, but their combinations evoke surreal situations."

Hope to see you there!

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