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Date: Mon Sep 13 2004 - 17:37:44 EDT

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en association avec O Patro Vys, Brasserie McAuslan, & Envision
Management présentent:

LABprojects 0904
une serie mensuelle de collaborations improviseés en direct

Samedi le 18 Septembre 2004
O Patrovys
356 Mont-Royal Est

Matt Lederman - guitare, effets
NAW - laptop
Kevin Laing - batterie
Marika Shaw - viola
Monica Guenter - violon
Chris Leroux - batterie électronique
Peter X - basse
Ryhna Thompson - trompette, claviers, effets
Johnny Ranger - visuels
Cyan - DJ

Les LABprojects des Productions Moondata sont des concerts mensuels qui
réunissent les talents de musiciens, DJs et VJs montréalais. Étant
basées sur divers genres musicaux et des idées partagées, les
improvisations donnent souvent naissance à des ambiances plutôt
abstraites, une musique qui va du rock au jazz, en passant par des sons
de musique actuelle, électronique, voire de classique moderne. À chaque
soirée, l’on projette des images qui sont mixées en direct avec la
musique, à l’aide d'équipement de DJs. C'est ainsi que LABproject
devient une exploration de l'image et du son, ainsi qu'un travail de
création collectif.

Pour le premier concert cet automne, Moondata présente une soirée
éclectique d'électronique minimaliste, de big beat et de sons
orchestraux. De l'échantillonage de rythme ainsi que deux sets de
batterie (l'un électronique, l'autre acoustique) inspireront et mèneront
les musiciens à travers toutes sortes de sons, jazzy, techno et rock.
Des violons, claviers, guitares et trompettes viendront intensifier et
adoucir cette musique.


Pour des informations ou des entrevues, veuillez contacter:
Matt Lederman
LABproject Producer

Moondata Productions - <>
O Patro Vys - <>
Envision Management - <>
NAW - <>
Cyan - <>


in association with O Patro Vys, Brasserie McAuslan & Envision
Management presents:

LABprojects 0904
a monthly series of live collaborative improv between musicians, dj's &

Saturday 18 September 2004
9:30 pm
O Patro Vys
356 Mont-Royal Est

Matt Lederman - guitar, effects
NAW - laptop electronics
Kevin Laing - drums
Marika Shaw - viola
Monica Guenter - violon
Chris Leroux - electronic drums
Peter X - bass
Ryhna Thompson - trumpet, keyboards, effects
Johnny Ranger - visuals
Cyan - DJ

Moondata Productions' LABprojects is a monthly series based around the
talents of Montreal musicians, DJ's and VJ's. Using shared ideas and
musical sketches, the improvisations often fall between abstract
ambience to in-your-face grooves, from heavy rock to jazz & musique
actuelle, from tripped out electronics to modern classical. Each show is
enhanced with projected visuals that are mixed live to the music, with
DJ sets interspersed between the live musician sets. Molded in the style
of a live workshop, the LABproject (Live Ambience & Beats) becomes a
full exploration of sight, sound, & collaborative creative

For the first session of the new fall season, Moondata offers up an
eclectic night of minimal electronics, big beat and orchestral sounds. A
full powered rhythm section of laptop samples and two drumkits - one
electronic and the other acoustic, will be leading the ensemble through
all sorts of grooves - from jazz house, techno & avant rock. Violins,
violas, horns, keys and guitars will add tension and sweetness to the
night's diverse sounds.

Featured performers:

Matt Lederman - guitar, effects
As one of the founder of the series, 'moondata' Matt orchestrates much
of the goings-on at LABprojects. He has toured the country as
singer/guitarist for PARKSIDE JONES . More recently, he has initiated
LABproject off-shoots SEVENS PROJECT & SOLEL, while still finding time
to work with a number of local groups as

NAW - laptop electronics
NAW's music is a blend of sound manipulation/design, experimental music
and dub-tech rhythms. He combines post-house, dubby minimal techno,
microsound and thick ambience, to create his own version of deep techno,
house and other electronic laptop oriented musics. Neil has released
music on various international record labels, including releases on
Noise Factory, Worthy, Clevermusic, and Complot.

Kevin Laing - drums
A multi-instrumentalist, Kevin's open drumming styles currently back the
electro-orchestral pop of MARLOWE , the rock of BESNARD LAKES and the
post-rock explorations of KINCARDINE . He was also the drummer and
founder of now defunct local experimentalists JA NE FON DORB.

Marika Shaw - viola
This show will mark Marika's first time playing at LABprojects. She
brings classical warmth and professionalism to the proceedings. Chances
are, you've probably heard her play at any number of functions with her
string quartet.

Chris Leroux - electronic drums
Returning to LABprojects for a 3rd time, Chris brings his kinetic
rhythms to power through the night. Chris has been showcased at the
Montreal Drum Fest and has been gigging all over the world with a number
of different projects. Locally, he plays with CHILLBILLY and SOLEL .

Peter X - bass
Along with being one of the founders of LABprojects, Peter has played
with many important Montreal bands: The Umbrellas, Sweet Bastards, Blues
Committee, Martha Wainwright, Parkside Jones, Priya Thomas, amongst
countless others. He now devotes most of his time to playing bass in
WHERE IT HURTS and composing electronic music and soundtracks through
Finite Records.

Ryhna Thompson - trumpet, keyboards, effects
Ryhna is always keeping busy as a musician and multi-tasker - from
managing KID KOALA & AMON TOBIN through her company ENVISION to
playing with ARK OF INFINITY to co-founding Moondata Productions and the
LABproject series. Ryhna has also toured Canada coast to coast as the
singer/songwriter/ trumpeter/keyboardist of PARKSIDE JONES .

Johnny Ranger - visuals
The artistic projects of Johnny Ranger include video works,
interdisciplinary shows, performances and web art. He founded Mindroots
( in 1997, a laboratory of interdisciplinary creation.
A regular of the Sat_mix sessions and Sat_digital Scenes, his
electrifying imagery has grace the sets of Kid Loco, Frivolous, Tobias
V. Veen, James Lavelle, Epsilonlab, Naw, John Howard & Lusine.

Cyan - DJ
The host of CKUT's Modular Systems, cyan's sound can best be described
as layered raw & funky, dense & deep techno rhythms, influenced by the
techno and house sounds of Detroit. cyan is involved in the phoniq
( collective, where she co-curates and organizes independent
electronic music events featuring local producers and visual artists.


For more information or interviews, please contact
Matt Lederman
LABproject Producer

Moondata Productions - <>
O Patro Vys - <>
Envision Management - <>
NAW - <>
Cyan - <>

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