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Subject: Fwd: bek audio stream launch
Date: Mon Sep 13 2004 - 08:36:35 EDT

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audio stream from BEK, curated by Eva Sjuve is now up at SoundLab

=> Curatorial Contributions

bek is presenting the following artists:

Janek Schaefer (UK)
Kristin Norderval (NO/US)
Miha Ciglar (SLO)
Antti Sakari Saario (FIN/UK)
Pierre Proske (AU)

An selection of experiments in audio/architectural resonances, found
and recorded sounds, combined with innovative artist's concepts, by
Saario, Norderval and Schaefer. Ciglar works with new ways of
combining traditional instruments with live audio processing with pure
data (by miller puckette). He's work with open source /linux, is a playful
combination of temporal and performative processes. Proske's piece
is an exploration of biological miniatures and spatial /temporal

Bek_international audio stream is a collaboration between BEK and
[R][R][F]2004--->XP, the experimental networking project, and will be
presented at the Biennale for Electronic Art Perth, Australia.
More info about the stream can be found at

mp3 stream is here:


more info on BEK


bek_international has been realized with funding from Ny Musikk and
Bergen Kommune


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