Re: ¿equipment for multichannel playback?

Subject: Re: ¿equipment for multichannel playback?
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sun Sep 05 2004 - 12:30:01 EDT


We've done multi-channel for some 15 years and this year we're
organizing a symposium around the issue of eight-channel pieces.

This is not sound projection (diffusion) of stereo pieces, but using
8 speakers as 'point source', discrete channels. The playback and
transport of pieces is as yet largely undefined in the community. The
path we've taken for playback is the safe one: ADAT. It's old
technology, but it is "out there", and relatively solid. We also have
DA-88 available.

Getting the pieces is a whole other story! Many people do not have
8-channel facilities, but work in 8-channels, and play back from
their computer, but this doesn't travel well.

Works have come in as data files on CD and the technical team is
transfering them to ADAT for archiving and concert use. It's a bit
time consuming, but we can be assured of a much easier concert

There are a large number of other issues related to speaker
placement, audience placement and even more so, acoustical
considerations, but these are for the symposium, and other threads.



At 15:22 +0100 2004/09/05, Duncan wrote:
>I'm involved in curating a show of multi-channel sound works, to
>take place in an old London music-hall.
>We want to design a sound system for the space, which we anticipate
>would require between 8 and 16 channels of audio, to project the
>pre-recorded pieces.
>ÀDoes anyone have any ideas re: equipment to play back the work?
>I myself have produced my own multi-channel works running off a
>laptop with an RME multichannel interface, but I wondered if there
>might be better options, since computers have the habit of crashing
>etc and can be a bit unreliable?
>ÀAre there any harddisk recorders out there at the moment with
>multiple inputs/outputs? - so that works could be dumped as
>multichannel pieces onto the machine, and played back with each
>track assigned to a discreet (sic) output?
>Or any other ideas?
>Any advice much appreciated.. Duncan
>Duncan Whitley

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