JTTP 2004 Results

Subject: JTTP 2004 Results
From: Ian Chuprun (ian_chuprun@econtact.ca)
Date: Tue Aug 31 2004 - 15:46:44 EDT


Communaute electroacoustique canadienne (CEC)
Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC)

Below you will find the results for this year's Jeu de temps / Times
Play Awards (JTTP) and the Cache 2004 CD compilation. Bravo to all!

JTTP 2004

The top five placing pieces were composed by (in order of placement):

Ben Wilson
Nicolas Bernier
Mathieu Marcoux
Stefan Smulovitz
Daniel Pruger

Each of the composers above will receive awards donated by CEC members
and participating CD labels, and will be included in various concert and
radio programs.

Cache 2004

The composers of the top 10 placing pieces will be invited to
participate on the CD compilation Cache 2004. They are (in alphabetical

Freida Abtan
Samuel Beaudoin
David Bednarczyk
Nicolas Bernier
Martin Lord
Mathieu Marcoux
Daniel Pruger
Stefan Smulovitz
Nick Storring
Ben Wilson

This year there were 33 submissions to the JTTP and 14 jury members
participated in adjudicating the awards. More information on the JTTP
may be found here:


Ian Chuprun
Special Projects Manager

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