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Subject: Forthcoming Events

Events in 2004-2005

The 6th School of Sound symposium, London:
30 March - 2 April 2005.

The School of Sound at Brief Encounters International Short Film Festival:
18 & 19 November 2004

30 March - 2 April 2005 at the Purcell Room, London:

The 6th School of Sound symposium will be held in London from
30 March - 2 April 2005.
Full programme details will be announced in Autumn 2004.

For further information about the School of Sound, email
sos@schoolofsound.co.uk or visit www.schoolofsound.co.uk.

The School of Sound is a four-day symposium exploring the creative
aspects of sound with the moving image, and is aimed at everyone
working with sound in the creative industries. Each event attracts
approximately 250 people coming from over twenty countries to hear
practitioners and artists working at the highest creative levels in
media and the arts. Our audience comprises producers, directors,
editors, sound recordists, sound designers, mixers, composers, radio
producers, writers, architects, poets - just about anyone who works
with sound.

Since its inception in 1998, the School of Sound has raised the
profile of sound in audio-visual media through this unequalled series
of presentations that integrate practice with theory, and art with
entertainment. For those who work in film, television, radio,
commercials or multimedia, this event provides the perfect complement
to their technical expertise.

Through master-class presentations the programme explores the
creative use of sound, particularly in relation to the moving image.
Speakers have included editors Walter Murch and Roberto Perpignani;
Hollywood sound designers Skip Lievsay, Randy Thom and Ren Klyce;
composers Louis Andriessen, Carter Burwell, Michael Nyman and Simon
Fisher Turner; theorists Michel Chion, Peter Wollen and Laura Mulvey;
filmmakers Mani Kaul and Peter Kubelka; artists Christina Kubisch and
Hans Peter Kuhn; radio producers Piers Plowright and Gregory
Whitehead. In 2003 we featured the sound team from Dogme 95,
plusPolish master
animator Jerzy Kucia. We have also produced video interviews with
Nic Roeg, David Lynch, documentarist Michael Grigsby, sound producer
François Musy, and Owe Svensson, the sound mixer who created the
soundtrack for Andrei Tarkovskyıs ³Sacrifice².

The School of Sound is not a commercial training course nor an academic
conference. You will not learn equipment or software. It will,
however, teach you new perspectives on the work you do and the
creative processes of contemporary sound production.

Brief Encounters International Short Film Festival
Thursday-Friday, 18-19 November 2004
The School of Sound presents six masterclasses with leading
practitioners and artists from British film and television.

Thursday, 18 November

Robin OıDonoghue is Head of Post Production Sound at Shepperton
Studios and his mixing credits include Love Actually, Gosford Park,
Shakespeare in Love and The End of the Affair. He unveils the art
of mixing a soundtrack and how that relates to a filmıs narrative.

Alison Bown, a features sound editor and formerly of Electronic Arts
(Harry Potter Prisoner Of Azkaban video game), has worked in the
fields of music technology, percussion and media arts work with young
people and excluded communities. She demonstrates the subjectivity of
sound and how its purpose shifts when married to picture.

Annabelle Pangborn is a sound designer, composer and singer who has
created soundtracks for a variety of genres, working with directors
Penny Woolcock (The Death of Klinghoffer), Beeban Kidron, Simon
Pummell and Brian Percival (Pleasureland). She deconstructs music
for shorts, animation and dance films - forms often involving
experimental narratives - where the place of music becomes more
crucial in its role to connect the audience to a familiar reality,

Friday, 19 November

Chris Watson is a sound recordist with a particular and passionate
interest in recording the wildlife sounds of animals, habitats and
atmospheres from around the world. His presentation combines his
wildlife recording (BBCıs The Life of Birds, BAFTA Award for Best
Factual Sound) with his CD productions for Touch (Outside the Circle
of Fire, Stepping Into the Dark, Weather Report), emphasising the
need for an aural awareness when recording and editing.

WHY MUSIC? Does contemporary urban music (Hip Hop, Drum Œnı Bass, et al)
play the same role as traditional film music? What is the relation
between music and other components of the track? Do directors know
how music works? Do composers know how film works? A panel of
composers discuss the place of music within modern film soundtrack.
Speakers: Stephen Deutsch, Head of Music at Bournemouth University
and the National Film and Television School; composer Paul Gladstone
Reid, known for his work with Isaac Julien and currently composing a
³Hollywood Hip-Hop Opera Musical²; Annabelle Pangborn and others to
be named later.

Michael Grigsby has been one of Britainıs foremost documentary directors
since the early 1960s whose work was honoured in a recent
retrospective at the NFT. Drawing parallels between the use of sound
in fiction and documentary, Grigsby explores how sound and music
informs his particular style of observational filmmaking.

Speakers and order subject to change

Visit the Brief Encounters website at www.brief-encounters.org.uk for
exact times and registration details.

SOUNDSCAPE: The School of Sound Lectures 1998-2001 is now available
from the Wallflower Press. Contact the Offstage Bookshop,
offstagebookshop@aol.com, for details.

The Director of the School of Sound is Larry Sider. He is an editor
and sound designer and Head of Post-Production at the National Film
and Television School, Beaconsfield. He now lectures on sound and
post-production in the UK and on the Continent.

The Producer of the School of Sound is Diane Freeman. She is a
qualified trainer, a former television producer, and was Deputy Chief
Executive of PACT, the Producersı Alliance for Cinema and Television

For further information about the School of Sound, to add your postal
address or to be taken off our mailing list, email
sos@schoolofsound.co.uk or visit www.schoolofsound.co.uk. We
apologise for double mailings.

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