Successful Grantwriting 101 workshop

Subject: Successful Grantwriting 101 workshop
From: Barry Rueger (rueger@COMMUNITY-MEDIA.COM)
Date: Tue Aug 17 2004 - 18:34:07 EDT

We still have a handful of spaces open for next week's workshop.


Successful Grantwriting 101

Thursday August 26, 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Lunch will be provided.
Location: Second Floor Lounge
Unity on the Mountain Retreat Centre
21 Rosedene Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario

This workshop is geared towards individuals who are new to grant
writing, either for individual projects, or for small non-profit
organizations. The day will include both lectures and hands on group
activities. At the end of the workshop participants will have enough
knowledge to complete a typical funding application such as the
Ontario Trillium Foundation application. A workbook will be

The cost will be $95 per person (+ GST) and will include lunch.

Hosted by Victoria Fenner and Barry Rueger, the workshop will cover a
number of topics.

- It will teach you how to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and
needs of your organization, and how to develop fundable programs that
address the goals outlined in your mission statement.

- It will teach how successful funding applications are the result of
a healthy and well managed group, and fund projects that fit within
your mandate.

- We will talk about how to find sources of funding, and how to tell
which funders are worth approaching - and which are not.

As well as the general background above, we'll walk you through the
mechanics of grant writing including:

- Preparation and information gathering before sitting down to write
a grant application.

- Understanding the funder's agenda and jargon

- Preparing the application the way that the funder wants it.

- The difference between non-profit and charitable incorporation

- Developing your project budget and how matching funds and in-kind

- Developing partnerships that work.

We will also talk about some common pitfalls, and some of the ways
that a successful application could actually hurt your organization.
If you or one of your co-workers is just starting to become involved
in grant writing, or if you think that you need to start developing
your own funding sources, this workshop will provide the foundation
to get you started.

Register on-line at:

There are both a minimum and maximum number of participants that can
be accommodated, so early registration is essential. YOUR SPACE IN
$95 plus GST ($101.65).

For the latest details visit:
Or contact us at 905-308-9179 or

Barry Rueger and Victoria Fenner have been managing and working with
non-profit organizations in Canada and the US for more than twenty
years. As well as a broad range of hands-on experience in non-
commercial media and the Arts, they bring a sensible and realistic
approach to workshops and training. Their client list and other
workshops can be found on their website

Barry Rueger
107 Victoria Avenue South, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2S9
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Cel: 905-979-6677
AIM ID: AppalBarry

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