Re: blank CD label products

Subject: Re: blank CD label products
From: bill thompson (
Date: Fri Aug 06 2004 - 18:14:40 EDT

i've heard they 'run' if they get wet you know if that's true?

"miriam clinton (iriXx)" <> wrote:

> Forgot the recommendations for blank CD labels that have appropriate
> adhesive, etc., and which ones NOT to buy.
> Thanks

its quite cheap to buy printers now which will print directly on to CDs
(you do have to buy a special white label type though). i'd recommend
these over the label type - it looks less cheap and has no risk of
damaging the reading of the cd. if you dont stick the label right on the
'spring loaded press it yourself' type then you run the risk of the CD
being unreadable.


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