Re: RTA question

Subject: Re: RTA question
Date: Wed Aug 04 2004 - 07:14:17 EDT

Hi !

My personal recommendation for this kind of tasks would be AudioEase's PERISCOPE
Equaliser which has just been released for OS X too running on MAS, AU, VST,
RTAS, HD. It features phase accurate graphic equaliser which has a scaleable
bandwidth (i.e. you can place its 30 or 32 bands, cant remember just now,
between 20hz-800hz or 400-12khx, for example). It is capable of attenuating to
infinity and features a real time frquency curve of the incoming signal. By far
the best piece of audio plug-in, ever.
As a practical example, I was working on a tv commercial shoot were by the
directors video monitor caused a very hifrequency sound that was un-noticeable
at the time of the recording but very obvious indeed by the time I was back in
the studio. Loaded PERISCOPE and literally SAW the problem frequency, zoomed in
the qe and cut with just 1 band and problem was solved, in less than a minute.
This is also a fantastic tool for creative soundwork. What more can I say
without sounding like a sponsored advertisement.

You can download the demo from can maybe get your task done
with that and I am sure that you will be impressed. Happy attenuating!

       Antti Sakari Saario

Quoting Topher Farrell <>:

> I'm in the middle of editing sound for a film using Pro Tools and there
> are a few resonating frequencies that appear in the audio, I'm trying to
> notch them out, but I need an RTA that I can use side by side with Pro
> Tools. Does anyone know of one that I can download from somewhere? Or
> possibly have another suggestion? Thanks!

Everyone should have

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