RE: mixing, acoustics question

Subject: RE: mixing, acoustics question
From: Mauricio Duarte-Neira (039166d) (
Date: Mon Aug 02 2004 - 18:11:11 EDT

yeah , I suppose:)
But I mean having two exact same copies of records and playing them at the same time, there is always (well mostly) a bit of phasing which I think is sometimes very cool. Greater phasing intervals become new beat patterns because of the shifting pattern. :)


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Subject: Re: mixing, acoustics question

Mauricio Duarte-Neira (039166d) wrote:

>>If they're all exactly in phase, you'll just get amplification.
>>Otherwise you'll get some sort of delay-related effect: phasing,
>>flanging, echo--depends on how big the offset.
>An interesting effect if you are a turntablist :)

true... although it depend on the room from what i gather. i know a DJ
friend who was eternally frustrated by the badly phasing speakers where
he performed. i offered to lug mine up the street but they weigh tons,
being powered speakers.



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