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Subject: RE: Books at Concordia Vanier Library
From: Paul Beaudoin (
Date: Mon Aug 02 2004 - 12:58:23 EDT

I would recommend a look at Robert Cogan's "New Images of Music Sound"
(Harvard Univ. Press but O/P for years). Also, Wayne Slawson had a book
called (I think) Sound Color. I haven't seen that one for years though.

Paul Beaudoin, Ph.D.
Northeastern Univ.
Boston, MA

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hi all,
I was wondering if anyone could suggest any books or papers on sound
analysis. Something along the lines of using FFT's, analyzing vibrato and
jitter, timber...
The question is for anyone who could help, but particularly for those who
know any books at the Vanier library. I checked "Clues" and found some
books, but if anyone has any recommendations, I would be forever in their


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