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Subject: RE: launches!
Date: Sun Aug 01 2004 - 09:52:24 EDT

Congratulations! I'm checking out the site as I write this. Looks (and
sounds) great.

I plan to submit some pieces fairly soon... generative music realized with

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From: John Nowak
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 00:26:24 -0400
Subject: launches! is now open for business. A number of artists have
contributed materials, under Creative Commons licenses, which are now
available in the artists section. Initial submissions include
everything from recorded compositions, to generative audio software, to
audio/video works. Make sure to sign up on the mailing list so you can
be informed when new artists, articles, and reviews are added to the

Artists featured on the site currently include:
         Automatous Monk: Mapping elementary cellular automata evolutions to
musical melodies
         Karen Kuslansky: Unconscious random layering of manipulated loops
         Lou Cohen: Algorithmic Csound composition in eight dimensional space
         Mark Cooley: Recomposition of original performances
         Markleford Friedman: Generative and gestural composition using
custom software
         Nabob: Sound collage and randomized FM synthesis
         Rene Wooller: LEMu software emplyoing generative techniques for
production and performance
         Spagirus: Field recordings, databending, and custom digital signal
         Thadeus Frazier-Reed: Evolving Oscillator software using genetic
algorithms is a place for articles as well as art, and Bob Sterm
submitted five of his works:
         Surf Music: Sonification of Ocean Buoy Spectral Data
         Composing for an Ensemble of Atoms: The Metamorphosis of Scientific
Experiment into Music
         Sonification of Particle Systems via de Broglie's Hypothesis
         Music from the Ocean: A Multimedia Cross-Discipline CD
         Synthesis and Algorithmic Composition Techniques Derived from
Particle Physics

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