List / Sender (?)

Subject: List / Sender (?)
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Thu Jul 29 2004 - 22:31:00 EDT

Maybe it depends upon the user's software. As I have Eudora replies
go either to the list and sender, or just the sender. But I'm way out
of my depth on this.



At 02:29 +0100 2004/07/30, miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:
>Hi Scott,
>I believe this is what is known as 'reply-to munging' - Kevin, maybe
>you can assist here?
>Its when a list is set to reply to the author as well as the list,
>if you hit reply-to.
>But if you just hit 'reply' you get the author, not the list.
>hence the name 'munging'....
>Scott Wilson wrote:
>>Hi everybody. I'm on the list, so there's no need to copy messages
>>to me privately. :-) Thanks, and sorry for adding to the traffic.

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