Re: FScape Beta - New OS X Audio Tool

Subject: Re: FScape Beta - New OS X Audio Tool
From: macCormac (
Date: Thu Jul 29 2004 - 14:07:01 EDT


you win :-) footnote / earnote: check 1 2 how th word dis agreeements has dat
word on th street DIS in it / innit ?
it's th least we can do for fellow working travelling scholars :-) to create
accessable buildings / rockets
with clear signage & ramps. after all STAIRS are PASSE, noh theatré % ?

do not confuse me with your text unless you are willing to fess up and Xplain
yourself ;-)
Naaah, carry on, i'll eventully catch up with you lot. 5-7 MPH ain't all BAD /
DAB :-)
th Xtreme helmut is really just a prop in case th sonic studios gets outa
control room ;-)

regards to Ned & Jim & Laurie . . . space rocket on . . . if someone composed
symphonies with fans / why not rockets / stars Xploding

iriXx, i'm glad you know this technical stuff 'cause i know NOTHING :-)

ok, the canoes are in th works and we'll be right out to meet you. we're checkin
whether LUNA will make an appearance :-)

when did you say th plane enters the western front sound field ;-) we'll have
our "handlers' get back at you. lunch ? :-) we'll talk ;-)

*i'm so glad we had this time together just o have a laugh or sing a song*
(carol burnett)

best regards to Mr. Clinton & th Folks, macCormac / murphy's cuz
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bc / siwash rock / soundscape composition

"miriam clinton (iriXx)" wrote:

> I am in support of Jim this time - despite our disagreements in the past.
> Actually, I think it would be valuable to add accessible commands to a
> GUI in the same way that alt text is added to a website.
> alt text and accessible navigation is now mandatory in the UK for public
> information websites. Even Flash MX has accessibility tools for visually
> impaired readers.
> It would only take a couple of lines of code to add an alt text style
> button to a GUI, so that the GUI could be read in text format.
> Now that would help those of us epileptics on heavy medication who cant
> type straight either (does anyone know how many tries I have to make to
> type an email sometimes?)
> mC~ (thats my initials, Miriam Clinton, for those with text-to-speech
> tools who wonder what the characters represent).
> Kothman, Keith wrote:
> >I'm not sure that it's fair to criticize a freeware/shareware release for
> >not meeting the needs of every potential user. Whether FScape is
> >command-driven or not doesn't lock anyone out of anything. It's an addition
> >to the range of tools we have to use, and does not subtract anything
> >available, or prevent the development of anything else.
> >
> >There are still a number of text-based, command-driven tools available
> >(csound anyone?). While text-based, command-driven interfaces arguable offer
> >the most power to the user, from my experience teaching a large number of
> >undergraduates, the lack of GUI-based tools has a detrimental effect on
> >their creative output. While it would be fantastic if FScape worked both
> >ways, beating up on an individual supplying fringe software to a fringe
> >market (no offense to either) seems unfair.
> >
> >-Keith
> >
> >
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