Re: FScape Beta - New OS X Audio Tool

Subject: Re: FScape Beta - New OS X Audio Tool
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Thu Jul 29 2004 - 14:37:30 EDT

I am in support of Jim this time - despite our disagreements in the past.

Actually, I think it would be valuable to add accessible commands to a
GUI in the same way that alt text is added to a website.

alt text and accessible navigation is now mandatory in the UK for public
information websites. Even Flash MX has accessibility tools for visually
impaired readers.

It would only take a couple of lines of code to add an alt text style
button to a GUI, so that the GUI could be read in text format.

Now that would help those of us epileptics on heavy medication who cant
type straight either (does anyone know how many tries I have to make to
type an email sometimes?)

mC~ (thats my initials, Miriam Clinton, for those with text-to-speech
tools who wonder what the characters represent).

Kothman, Keith wrote:

>I'm not sure that it's fair to criticize a freeware/shareware release for
>not meeting the needs of every potential user. Whether FScape is
>command-driven or not doesn't lock anyone out of anything. It's an addition
>to the range of tools we have to use, and does not subtract anything
>available, or prevent the development of anything else.
>There are still a number of text-based, command-driven tools available
>(csound anyone?). While text-based, command-driven interfaces arguable offer
>the most power to the user, from my experience teaching a large number of
>undergraduates, the lack of GUI-based tools has a detrimental effect on
>their creative output. While it would be fantastic if FScape worked both
>ways, beating up on an individual supplying fringe software to a fringe
>market (no offense to either) seems unfair.

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