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Date: Wed Jul 28 2004 - 16:44:00 EDT


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Kevin Austin wrote:

> The word serious has many meanings, and many shades of these (for some people).
> Consider for a little lite reading on how Marcel would awake ...
> "There was at first a silence, amid which the whistle of the tripe
> vendor and the hooting of the trams reverberated through the air in
> different octaves, like a blind piano tuner. Then gradually the
> interwoven motifs became distinct, and others were combined with
> them. There was also a new whistle, the call of a vendor the nature
> of whose wares I never discovered, a whistle that exactly resembled
> the whistle of the trams, and since it was not carried out of earshot
> by its own velocity, it gave the impression of a single tram-car, not
> endowed with motion, or broken down, immobilized, screeching at brief
> intervals like a dying animal.
> And I felt that, should I ever have to leave this aristocratic
> quarter - unless it were to move to one that was entirely plebeian -
> the streets and boulevards of central Paris (where greengrocery,
> fishmongering and other trades, established in big stores, rendered
> superfluous the cries of the street hawkers, who in any case would
> have been unable to make themselves heard) would seem to me very
> dreary, quite uninhabitable, stripped, drained of all these litanies
> of the small trades and itinerant victuals, deprived of the orchestra
> that came every morning to charm me."
> The Captive, Marcel Proust, p 175
> This form of writing (esp when drawn out to seven medium-size books)
> somewhat parallels concepts found in many cultures, that there are
> arts which are reflective. Listeners continue to mine the depths of
> The Ring 130 years later, with added interpretations / understandings
> coming out every couple of years.
> A term previously employed, depth of identity, is one which tries to
> dig into the idea that 'serious' art, in varying degrees has been
> accepted by many patrons as allowing them to return to it time and
> again and discover new facets, new angles and outlines, other modes
> of perception, expanded horizons on life, living and love.
> At 15:38 +0100 2004/07/28, Li-Chuan Chong wrote:
> >
> >On the 'good fancy artwork' itself (which is good by the way), Steve
> >wrote: "...on track 12 is my first attempt at a serious
> >electroacoustic
> >composition".
> >
> >Now, with all the banter on "electroacoustics - rap to tap to zap to
> >frap" etc. here's someone who believes that 'serious electroacoustic
> >composition' exists, and attempted it for the first time.
> As you imply, this is not to deprecate the value of other work,
> however I would venture that many people who have worked in a studio
> at some times have had to 'learn the ropes', and upon having
> developed some control of the tools of creation, have attempted to
> filter their work so as to present a more concentrated form of their
> thoughts.
> The jazz musician practices improvisation to get their chops
> together. Many here have boxes and files of 'not quite what I wanted'
> sounds. A student who wishes to represent themself by "their best
> attempt" will need to find a term to help the listener know to pay a
> little more attention, if they care to.
> Many hundreds of thousands of people had heard Marcel's soundscape;
> he took the time and energy required to formulate his ideas into a
> fixed form for others to read. He was one serious dude.
> >My question is, again shouldn't be taken personally, why belittle
> >anything else that one does or had ever done as 'less serious', or
> >even
> >'non-serious'? In contrast, isn't those things leading up to one's
> >"first attempt" to do anything seriously just as important, and thus
> >equally 'serious'?
> >Or is it a case of YCBS (McEnroe et al.)?
> You cannot be serious
> Best
> Kevin

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